Handmade, custom-designed, decorative and functional art by King Saul’s Treasures. Pieces are my original designs and may be custom-ordered.
You may also choose to order using a design of your own.

My Portfolio

Working with glass has captured my heart and brought me to discover my passion. For many years now I have filled my hours working and experimenting with glass: stained glass, glass mosaics, and fused glass. My greatest attention recently has been in the realm of fusing.

I describe myself as mathematically minded, so the glass fusing process is perfect for me. It combines the use of mathematics, physics, chemistry, color, texture and form, all of which enhance my ability to create. Many of my pieces are geometrically balanced and precise, often including a random focal point that draws the eye. Other pieces have a free and fluid form. Click on any photo to get the total experience of each piece and click here to view my portfolio and let me create your perfect piece.

Education & More

I invite you to learn the joy of creating glass art with my amateur and professional artisan workshops and courses. From single-session workshops, both private and group, to long-term courses, I will provide everything you need to enjoy indulging in a creative and tranquil experience. In addition, I offer glass artists kiln, sander, saw and mold rental.

All About Roni – The Artist