Tapestry Handkerchief Vase

This decorative sculpture was made with glass stringers laid out in a predesigned pattern.

To achieve this 3D tapestry-like effect, the piece went through several stages, some in the kiln, some by hand. Once worked to my liking and fused a final time, the flat piece was placed over a floral vase shaped mold, so that at slumping temperatures it would fall into a handkerchief vase shape.

It took at least seven colors and an abundance of manipulation to bring this piece to life.

Most of the work on this piece was done under the supervision of Richard Parrish, a master at the technique.

Height: 15cm/5.5in

Width: 20cm/8in

Depth: 18.5cm/7.5in

Price: 900 NIS

Shipping/Delivery cost: To Be Determined

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