Friesian Stepping High

This decorative sculpture was made with crushed glass (frit glass). It is formed and fused in a specially designed handmade deep stencil.

In this tack fused state, which leaves in the full texture of the glass, light reflects off each of the tiny pieces, turning this sculpture into a true centerpiece for any room.

The base is a selected piece of limestone, native to my locale in Israel, but can be made from a variety of different materials.

Height of Horse: : 20cm/7.9in

Width of Horse: 25cm/9.8in

Depth of Horse: 1.5cm/0.6in


Height of Stone: : 4cm/1.6in

Width of Stone: 27cm/10.6in

Depth of Stone: 3.5cm/1.4in


Price: 850 NIS

Shipping/Delivery cost: To Be Determined

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